Friday, 8 May 2015

Tan without skin damage

Most of the UV rays are reflected by the stratum corneum of the skin and only a small part of them comes in the deeper layers of the epidermis. Ultraviolet rays are divided into UV-A, UV-B and UV-C according to their wavelength. The wavelength determines the depth of skin penetration. UV rays are divided into:

UV-A (98%)
UV-B (2%)
UV-C (these rays are harmful to the skin, are retained by the ozone layer)

The first hours of the morning and before sunset are rich in ultraviolet B and A, which stimulate the activity of melanocytes.
Melanin is that they produce a defensive shield of our body against the damage that these rays can result if exposure to light is intense and uncontrolled (erythema and UVB sunburn and premature skin aging UVA).
In particular, UV-B type  cause damage to the DNA of skin cells, increasing the risk of melanoma. Those of type A penetrates deep into skin and alter the collagen and elastic fibers, favoring the appearance of wrinkles and speeding up the process of skin aging. A formula to remember is valid for any skin type is: “by degrees, in just hours, protected.” Leather is a durable fabric, but in some ways and gentle rays of the sun have a beneficial only if carefully measured and therefore can be very dangerous.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Sunless Tanning Spray

Choose Health, Choose Sunless Tanning Spray
Some pale skinned people do not like their skin color and go for a tanner colored skin. Sun tanning is one of the oldest ways to achieve a darker skin. The method gives good results but it also has many side effects. It can cause premature aging, sagging and exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. In order not to expose your skin too much under the sun, sunless tanning sprays are getting into the cosmetic market. There are many queries regarding the product and below are some of the most common questions regarding sunless tanning spray.

Is Sunless Tanning Spray Safe?Sunless tanning spray is 100% safe. The main ingredient, DHA or dihydroxyacetone has been in the cosmetic industry for more than 30 years. The dermatologically tested ingredients are safe to use. Unlike sun tanning lotions that can expose you to UV A and UV B rays, the sunless tanning spray is an alternative way to avoid premature wrinkles and skin cancer. Using the sunless method, you get the glowing tan without having to risk your health.

How Long is the Effect of the Sunless Tanning Spray?
Your skin renews itself almost every month. The cells in the skin slough off and a new skin layer replaces these. Because of this natural skin process, the effect of the product lasts only for a month. Even sun tanning will have the same duration. However, you can always reapply the sunless tanning spray to maintain your tan skin.

Are there special preparations before you use the product?

Like with any product, it is important that you read the special instructions and precautions before using the sunless tanning spray. Check if you have allergies or skin irritation with the product by applying a few sprays in one area of your skin. Once you rule out possible allergic reactions, it is now safe to use the product for your entire body. Before using the sunless tanning spray, you have to shave, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. This ensures that you get an even tanning result. After the exfoliation, rinse your entire body well and apply the sunless tanning spray. After the initial application, do not shower for 5 hours and lather a moisturizer as often as possible.

How does the sunless tan spray work?

The sunless tanning spray is for home use. Spray the product onto your skin and gently spread it all over. Since the solution contains a special type of sugar, it reacts with the skin cells to produce a gorgeous and water resistant sunless tan. With the aid of asunless tanning spray, you can stimulate your skin cells to produce more melanin and achieve the same effects of suntan without sacrificing your healthy skin. The ingredients change the pale shade of your skin to a darker shade of brown. After tanning, the beautiful skin tanned look gives the impression that you have been to an exotic vacation.

Tanning your skin is possible without sacrificing your health. With the help of sunless tanning spray, you get the benefit of sun-tanned skin without exposing yourself to the harmful UV rays. Because the product is so easy to use, you can achieve the natural tan even when you are at home.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Self Tanning Lotions

You will need some extra time for self tanning lotions because they take longer to dry compared to foam.   Though this is about self tanning, it is still best to have some help in applying them to assure that those difficult to reach areas will have an even or equal application.  But if you are the one applying the lotion to yourself, please don’t rush.  Before anything else, try to shed dead skin cells by exfoliating a couple of days before you apply the lotion.  New skin cells will stay longer and retain the tan better than skin cells that are about to shed.  So wash and scrub your entire body well during the days prior to using the tan lotion.  After every bathe, apply moisturizer on your entire body too.  Moisturized skin will allow for a more even application, especially on dry skin areas that absorb more of the lotion.

On the day you apply the self tanning lotions, be sure you are rested so there is no tendency to perspire.  When perspiration starts to run or drip, it will be the cause of uneven tanning streaks on your body.   So a cool, less humid area is the best place for you to apply the lotion.  The best place to start applying the lotion is the difficult to reach areas on your body.  The rationale behind this is after you are done with the difficult to reach areas that could probably take a longer amount of time to apply lotion to, it will be a lot easier and quicker to do the other parts of your body.  In doing so, there is a higher probability that the drying time of your entire body will be almost the same.  Take extra care when applying the lotion on darker and drier parts of your body like the knees, elbows and ankle.  Apply lightly on these areas or dilute the lotion with a moisturizer.  It will help to even the tan with the surrounding areas.

Of course you would not want your palms to have a tan.  If possible, wash your hands frequently throughout the process so as not to leave the lotion on your palms.  If you have surgical latex gloves, that would be better in order to avoid tanning your palms and the skin under your fingernails.  Remember to buy one if you don’t have yet because using them will be a lot more convenient than washing hands frequently in the process.  In applying the self tanning lotion, make sure you are doing so evenly for an even shade.  Light application with circular motion will assure good cover of the different areas.  A follow up of lengthwise stroke application can help even out the spread.  After having completed the application, allow 15 to 20 minutes for the self tanning lotion to dry well before dressing up.  In about 30 minutes after drying the tan, it should start to take effect.

Here is one secret you will not find anywhere – tanning at the hairline and ears.  The best way to do so would be to apply the lotion onto the scalp hairline for about a centimeter deep into your hairline so the tan would not look like a mask and unnatural.  For the ears, it should be light at the back of the ears and a little bit more pronounced near the rim of the ear.  Do not apply on inside cup of the ear.  That should give your entire face a more natural tan look.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

How does Self Tanning Lotion

A sunless tan is one of the best procedure these days to get a perfect glowing tan. But not every sunless tan is successful if the best available self tanning lotion was not chosen. There are a lot of names and brands to choose from. Knowing which one will be the most effective is important since the effects of the self tanning lotion are long-lasting and could thus be quite embarrassing to mess up. The first sunless tans that used tanning lotions were in tanning salons. But these days, you can actually buy tanning lotions and do the tanning procedure yourself at home.

Tanning lotion, just like other tanning products in the market, contains the chemical DHA. A couple of years before World War 2, DHA was accidentally discovered. However, it was only four decades ago when the FDA (Federal Drug Association) approved the use of DHA in commercial products. When choosing a self tanning lotion, the chemical contents of the tanning lotion should be safe and approved by the FDA. There are some tanning lotions that result in an unnaturally dark shade. The most recommended tanning lotions are the high-end ones in the market. These are very safe to use even when used in the long run.

Another factor to consider is that the tanning lotion should not irritate your skin. There are some chemicals that cause allergic reactions in the skin. There are also some types of skin that are particularly sensitive to some chemicals. So before purchasing, try to find out what chemicals your skin is sensitive to and make sure that your tanning lotion has none of those chemicals.
It is not only the contents of the tanning lotion that is important but you should also consider the end result of the product. Some tanning lotions may be safe to use but the end result is not satisfying. Some result in skin with uneven spots and rough surfaces. The perfect result should be a smooth, even tan with just the right shade of color.

You can find a lot of tanning products in self care markets. You may find different products that can all give you tanned skin. The only difference between tanning lotion and other products is the ability of tanning lotion to moisturize the skin. When tanning products are applied to the skin without moisturizing, the result is less than optimal. But when skin is properly moisturized before applying the tanning products, the result is smoother and more even. Moisturized skin absorbs the tanning product better than skin that hasn’t been moisturized.

Once you’ve figured out the important factors and characteristics of a self tanning lotion, you can begin to tan yourself and get that perfect and glowing tan. It will cost less than tanning procedures offered in salons and it is much safer than direct sunlight and UV booths. In short, it is an affordable, effective and safe method of self-tanning. That is why most women choose self tanning.